Collaborative writing with WEBook

webook.jpgAn interesting new model for publishing went public today. WEBook is an online writing and publishing tool geared toward collaborative authoring–”an online publishing platform that allows writers, editors, reviewers, illustrators and others to join forces to create great works of fiction and non-fiction, thrillers and essays, short stories, children’s books and more.” During its alpha phase of development, 34 writers, editors, and contributors collaborated to produce the thriller Pandora, which is now available for purchase from WEBook’s website. It’s a real, 225-page book complete with ISBN and royalties for contributors. Site members vote on which titles are formally published by WEBook.

Interested in writing a book of your own using WEBook? Join the site for free, then start writing. You can invite colleagues to help author, edit, or review. You can also join in on projects already in progress. This is a brand new service, and I don’t have all the answers on how it works, but it’s a compelling new model for collaborative publishing.

WEBook via Web Worker Daily.


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Aaron Sumner

Aaron Sumner is the Director of Technology for Research and Development at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. He has worked in web development and instructional technology since 1994.