RSS readers: What do you use?

So, you read Amber’s excellent introduction to RSS technology and would love to use it, but for whatever reason you and Google Reader aren’t clicking? That’s OK, I’m the same way. Luckily for us, Google Reader isn’t your only choice when it comes to RSS readers.

Lifehacker, and excellent blog about technology literacy (add it to your RSS feeds!) today has a write up on its readers’ choices for “best” RSS readers. Google Reader ranked at the top, but the article also shares a few other options, including NetNewsWire, a Mac-only reader that’s my personal favorite. So if you like the idea of RSS but are looking for an alternative to Google Reader, check out the article, try some of the options, and let us know what your favorite is via a comment below.


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Aaron Sumner

Aaron Sumner is the Director of Technology for Research and Development at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. He has worked in web development and instructional technology since 1994.