Archived video of “You Are a Natural Born (Visual) Storyteller” available online

Nancy Duarte’s Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations is a hot read around CRL right now–Jim Knight recently reviewed the book in his blog, and just yesterday I saw a copy sitting on Don’s desk. It’s a great companion piece to the likes of Made to Stick.

Last week, publishers O’Reilly and Associates hosted a one-hour webinar with Duarte to discuss the book and the notion that visuals sell your story. I wasn’t able to sit in on it, and neither were you, probably, but fortunately O’Reilly already has the archived video up on YouTube, so I can embed it right here:

Watch the video, read the book, read some of the things we’ve shared about presenting in the past, and think about the slides you use. How can you tell your story–and the story of SIM–better?


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