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Read the newspaper on your computer! (reporting from 1981)

Check out this 1981 television report on a service allowing you to read the newspaper–on your computer! It even suggests that, one day, we might even read magazines this way. (via TechCrunch)


Making conference websites more interactive

As part of a project I’m working on with Don Deshler, I’ve been taking a look at how conference organizers and promoters are leveraging the web and social technologies. Initially, I’m focusing on how these technologies are used in the … Read


Kindle 2 to be announced February 9?

I hesitated mentioning this yesterday since it’s mostly based on speculation, but now that I see the New York Times has covered it, I’ll bite: Amazon will reportedly introduce the next generation of Kindle, its electronic book reader, at a … Read


Looking for tech tutorials? BestTechVideos brings them to you

It’s no secret that, in today’s Web 2.0 world where anyone can share their expertise on a topic, there are thousands of useful video tutorials to help you learn how to do something new on your computer. Sometimes it’s just … Read


Did you watch the inauguration online?

I pulled out an old 13″ television hooked up to rabbit ears (good for a few more weeks, anyway) to watch this morning’s inauguration festivities from my office. I know many of you watched online, in some form or another. … Read


Streaming Video Capture

I just came across a website that will allow you to capture streaming video to your computer from sites like YouTube or Google Video. A possible use for this might be for video clips that you’d like to use in … Read


Stratepedia webinar archives now online!

We have a new service at Stratepedia to make it easier to register for upcoming sessions in our burgeoning webinar series! Webinars from Stratepedia provides listings of any upcoming sessions (unfortunately, there are none at the moment) and makes registration … Read

Share Short URLs for Google searches

If you use Twitter you’ve probably become familiar with services like TinyURL,, and others that map lengthy web addresses, or URLs, to shorter addresses. Google has (somewhat as a joke) developed a shortener of their own, called, to … Read


Cramberry: Easy-to-use, online flash cards

File this one under “ideas I wish I’d had:” Cramberry is a new, web-based flash card program. From ReadWriteWeb’s review: The cards are fairly rudimentary, but they serve the purpose. Quite frankly, they’re better than the scribbled notes on index … Read


Skype 2.8 beta for Mac adds screen sharing

We don’t use Skype as much as we used to, but I see that the new beta version for the Mac now sports a screen sharing feature. This lets you transmit your computer’s desktop in real-time to the person you’re … Read

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