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Don’t panic (yet): 6 things to try before taking your Mac to the shop

I get a lot of requests for help with Macintosh computers. I find that, in many cases, these six quick fixes provided by MacWorld solve whatever problems caused panic in an otherwise calm Mac owner. They’re all easy things you … Read


Hello (the Stratepedia Blog) transfer complete

If you’re reading this, that means you’re accessing our blog from its brand new server. As far as I can tell everything’s in working order. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line at if something … Read


Stay safe on Facebook: A guide to your privacy settings

Facebook’s privacy settings are, by design, complex. That’s because the people you add as “friends” on the social networking service can be family members, coworkers, well-wishers, actual friends, and just about anything in between. What if you’d like to share … Read


What’s that hash tag? New site makes it easy to track Twitter trends

If you’re using Twitter, the popular micro-messaging service, you’ve no doubt come across hash tags. We talked about hash tags a few months ago, and how they’re useful for tracking messages around a particular subject. A new site called What … Read

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Hello (the Stratepedia blog) unavailable Wednesday evening, 4/29

So far the server migration I mentioned last week is moving right along. I’ve added one item: This coming Wednesday, April 29, this blog will be offline beginning at 4:00 PM CDT while I move it to the new server. … Read


RSS may be like radio, but my RSS reader is my personal newspaper

The March 2009 issue of Stratenotes, en route to your mailbox as I type this, includes a suggestion that readers learn more about RSS technology. I’m happy to say the piece includes three links to this blog. (If this is … Read


5 easy ways to become a better Googler

Longtime readers of our blog know that Google is more than just a search engine. Today, tech blog Switch offers tips on being a better Googler, including using it as a handy online calculator or calculator, tracking flights and sports, … Read

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Upcoming downtime for some Stratepedia services

I’m in the slow process of moving our various services over to new server hardware. This will be an ongoing project over the next several weeks. The following migrations are coming shortly: April 21 (tonight!): Feeds and Tutoractive. These migrations … Read


How the U.S. Military uses iPods in the field

This week’s Newsweek has a short article about the United States military’s use of iPods for connecting and training soldiers. The device is being used for, among other things, translation purposes and data analysis. The article notes that “since most … Read

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Compare similar images with new Google tool

Also from Google Labs today is a useful new addition to image search: The ability to find and compare similar images. Similar Images helps you narrow the images found based on, you guessed it, similarity to one another. TechCrunch provides … Read

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