How interesting is your online profile?

I hate to write about myself as much as the next person.  When creating an account on any social media site I often clam up and leave my biography information blank.  I just don’t know what to write.  In the article The Importance of a Compelling Bio Amber Riviere shares, not only a fantastic name with yours truly, but also the benefits of allowing others to see your interesting personality. Don’t be afraid to be authentic and leave a lasting impression.

Did you know you can update your profile on the Learning Labs?  Here is a little background music to get you started.

1. Sign in at

2. Locate your name at the top of the page and click the link.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

3. Click the Edit Profile tab.


4. Tell a funny story or share something others might not know about you.


5. Don’t be afraid to upload a picture of yourself.  Click the Browse button to search your computer for one.


6. Share a few of your interests.  You might have more in common with your colleagues then you thought. Click the Update Profile button when you are finished.


7. Go forth and be social!  Apply these same ideas to your profile and other SIM/CRL related websites.


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Amber Nutt

Amber Nutt is an Education Support Technologist at the University of Kansas.