What is screen sharing?

If you have a Mac version 10.5 or later, you automatically have the ability to connect with another computer and share your screen.  You can also request that someone share their screen with you.  This comes in handy for technical support when just audio or email isn’t cutting it.  iChat is an easy way to send a request to view someone’s computer screen.  They will be given the option to deny or accept the request, allowing you control of their computer mouse.  You will also be able to talk with one another using the built-in microphone and either person can end the sharing at any time. Screen sharing is great for collaborating on a project or accessing a computer from home while you are at work.  Also, by simply watching how they are performing a task you can quickly recognize and correct an action that is more difficult to visualize over the phone.

For our PC folks several free options are available to download, such as Microsoft SharedView.  This program allows you to perform similar functions including sharing, reviewing, and updating documents with multiple people (up to 15 in one session) in real-time.  The person sharing can give control to anyone else in the group.


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Amber Nutt

Amber Nutt is an Education Support Technologist at the University of Kansas.