How do I unsend a sent message in Gmail?

Mistakes often happen in the world of technology and an email message sent to the wrong person can cause embarrassment for the sender.  Google’s free email service, Gmail, has a feature that can help prevent problems in the future.  Follow these directions to enable the ability to immediately un-send a message in Gmail.

1. Sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Click the Settings link located in the top, right corner of your screen.

3. Click the Labs link in the Settings menu.

4. Scroll down the page until your find the Undo Send lab.  Click the Enable button and then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

5. In the future, after you push send on that accidental email, you’ll receive confirmation that your message has been sent.  You’ll now have the option to click Undo to cancel your actions.

6. The email will not appear in your recipient’s inbox and will be returned to your Drafts folder instead.


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Amber Nutt

Amber Nutt is an Education Support Technologist at the University of Kansas.