Whats new in Prezi?

Earlier this month I expressed my love for Prezi and demonstrated how to share a presentation.  Prezi recently added some new features to their online presentation application that are definitely work checking out.

Color Wizard. Prezis can now be customized according to your choice of colors and fonts. Business logos can be added to create a uniform appearance, although this only applies to the Pro package.

Drag and drop files to PreziDesktop. Images, videos and PDFs can now be dragged and dropped directly to PreziDesktop from your computer. The color wizard and CSS editing are also available in this update of the offline editor.

Snapping. Now when you rotate, scale or move objects they will automatically snap into position with other objects. You can also align text with other text boxes.


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Amber Nutt

Amber Nutt is an Education Support Technologist at the University of Kansas.