6 solutions to wi-fi woes in your home or small office

Is your home wi-fi slow or less than reliable? Many times a fix is relatively inexpensive and easy. MacWorld’s got six ways to fix your home wi-fi issues (don’t worry, Windows fans; the fixes aren’t Mac-specific). Take it from me–I live in a neighborhood heavily congested with wireless networks, but switching to a dual-band router has kept my own network going without a glitch for a couple of years now. I also recommend regularly checking for new firmware–not only will it address shortcomings in your router’s system, but it may add some surprise new features. Finally, a word of advice–don’t skimp on your home wireless router. I know you can get cheap models for under $30 these days, but they’re either hard to configure, hard to connect to, or hard to keep running for a good amount of time. For me, avoiding wireless frustrations is worth spending a little more money.

Source: Six Wi-Fi problems and how to fix them from MacWorld


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