Google adds three big updates to improve searching

Google recently announced some major feature updates to streamline use for both mobile and desktop searches.  You’ve probably used at least one of the following three features in the past, but now you’ll be able to perform searches faster, easier, and on multiple devices.

1. Speech recognition. This feature is already available to mobile users, but now desktop Internet searchers can speak their queries instead of typing. This feature is available in Google Chrome and could come in especially handy for those hard-to-spell words. Look for the microphone icon next to the search box.

2. Search by image.  This feature, also previously available on mobile devices, allows desktop users to upload a picture and find similar information based on the image from a hard drive or website. Look for the camera icon when searching in Google.

3. Search faster with Instant Pages. Currently available in Chrome, this feature displays a preview of certain webpages that Google thinks users are interested in.  This technology is similar to Instant Search, which Google released last year to help predict searches while typing, but will also be available to mobile users.


For more information check out Google’s official Blog or Gigaom.


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Amber Nutt

Amber Nutt is an Education Support Technologist at the University of Kansas.