Convert a webpage into an e-book on your iPad

dotEPUB is free software that allows any webpage to be converted into an e-book. This works on any epub-compatible device including e-readers, tablets, smartphones, netbooks, and desktop computers. This applet gives you the ability to save a webpage now and read later when you don’t have Internet access or to just save those long articles you didn’t have time to read while browsing.

It takes several steps at first, but the process is easy once you’ve created your bookmark. Here’s how to get started on an iPad:

1. On your iPad, open Safari and visit The iPad instructions are automatically displayed on the website.

2. Tap the arrow icon in the Safari toolbar and select Add Bookmark.

3. A new bookmark for this applet will be created in Safari. Tap Save to continue.

4. Scroll down and locate the Javascript code on the dotEPUB website. Select the text (Select All) and tap Copy.

5. Tap the Bookmarks icon in your Safari toolbar. Tap Edit and select the dotEPUB bookmark.

6. Tap and remove (x) the address in the second line and replace (paste) with the previously selected Javascript text. Tap Bookmarks to continue.

7. Now visit a website to find an article you’d like to save to read later. (You can also continue following the instructions on to use that site as an example.) Once you’ve found an interesting article, tap the Bookmarks icon in your Safari toolbar and select the dotPUB bookmark that we created earlier.

8. You will be directed to a new screen.  Select Open in iBooks to continue. If you don’t have the free iBooks app on your iPad,  visit the App store to download.

9. The iBooks app on your iPad will automatically open, displaying your newly created ePublication. Tap the new book to open and read the article.


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Amber Nutt

Amber Nutt is an Education Support Technologist at the University of Kansas.