TED announces education initiative: TED-Ed

This week TED rolled out their newest concept for inquisitive minds, named TED-ed. This exciting initiative invites teachers to submit their best lessons to be shared online. Teachers will then get the opportunity to work with experts at TED to refine their lessons, record the audio, and prepare them to be shared online. Each lesson must be shorter than 10 minutes. TED will then bring in an animator (they are also looking for new animators) to create fun and interesting visuals to accompany the teacher’s lesson.

These lessons, similar to their longer TED Talks, are available for free on TED.com or on the TED-Ed YouTube channel. Right now, there are about 12 videos available but they are working to add more each week. In April of this year, TED will unveil a new website to showcase the TED-Ed lesson and other learning tools. I’ve had a chance to watch some of the videos and they are truly stunning. Here is my favorite:

Click the following links to submit your own lesson, nominate an educator, or nominate an animator to be a part of the TED-Ed learning initiative.


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Amber Nutt

Amber Nutt is an Education Support Technologist at the University of Kansas.