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Apple unveils 3rd generation of the iPad

Yesterday, Apple demonstrated the new iPad which will be available to purchase on March 16th (but you can pre-order now) with a price tag starting at $499. The new iPad boasts better cameras on the front and back, faster processor, … Read


How to keep up with SXSWedu news if you’re not in Austin this week

I’m pretty open about my general dislike of ed tech. Far too many products in that arena are stripped-down, dumbed-down, over-thought ripoffs of more successful, consumer-oriented counterparts. My stance is always that, by and large, consumer-oriented products are better-designed and … Read


Stratepedia picks for March 2, 2012

Aaron Read It For Me: This neat little service summarizes popular business books like The Lean Startup, Switch, Making Ideas Happen, and Linchpin. Sounds like good ol’ Cliff’s Notes, right? Not at all–Read It For Me’s summaries employ multimedia learning … Read

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