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2 useful and free email-based publications

The following two resources are free email-based subscriptions that I’ve signed up for and find useful. Each resource sends a few emails a week with news, upcoming webinars, and interesting articles related to business, technology, and/or education. 1. Learning Solutions … Read


5 ways to renew interest in your RSS reader

Recently, I found myself in the bad habit of skipping over many of the blogs in my Google RSS reader or clicking the mark all as read button to clear everything out. I was missing interesting articles and relevant information. … Read


From last week: Intel, Flip, Final Cut, and RSS

Happy Monday!  Here’s what you might have missed last week: On Tuesday, Aaron shared video from our latest CRL Learns presentation, Free Thinking Tools for Teachers, with Doug Adams. On Wednesday, Aaron provided alternatives to the, now discontinued, Flip camera. On Thursday, Apple announced a … Read


5 tips for keeping up with RSS feeds

Some tech pundits have been arguing that RSS is “dead” (or at least past its prime), but I disagree. I still rely on RSS for news about work, citizenship, and personal interests. RSS helps feed this blog via our daily … Read


3 iPad RSS readers worth buying

Looking for an RSS reader for your iPad? I was a few weeks ago and not having much luck finding a variety from which to choose. However, there are now several options, including a couple of really well-done entries in … Read

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New feeds and new look for

Our new look has made its way to our CRL and SIM-related RSS feeds page. Want to keep up with the latest news from CRL and SIM, but haven’t set up an RSS reader yet? Just head over to the … Read


From last week: Google Wave, RSS, iPhones on vacation

In case you missed them last week, here are links to what we shared last week: On Tuesday, I shared a funny video explaining Google Wave, a new, experimental replacement to e-mail. Unfortunately my account doesn’t have any invitation codes, … Read


What websites are in your RSS reader?

On a daily basis, I use my RSS Google Reader to keep up with the websites I find useful and interesting.  I always love to discover new sites that spark both my personal and professional interests.  I narrowed my 60 … Read


RSS may be like radio, but my RSS reader is my personal newspaper

The March 2009 issue of Stratenotes, en route to your mailbox as I type this, includes a suggestion that readers learn more about RSS technology. I’m happy to say the piece includes three links to this blog. (If this is … Read


Using Apple Mail for RSS feeds

Did you know that Mail, the default e-mail client in Mac OS X, now supports RSS feeds? It’s been in there for about a year, actually. I don’t use it myself because I already had an RSS client I really … Read

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