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From last week: Facebook privacy, free shipping, webcasts, and a 2009 wrapup

Here are links to the new items we posted last week, in case you missed them: On Tuesday, I shared some information about Facebook’s new privacy settings, including tips on making sure your own settings are the way you want … Read


Live video of CRL Learns: Feedback, please!

Thanks to everyone who checked out today’s online video presentation of Jim Knight at CRL Learns. I think everyone involved learned something, including myself. Below is a recording of the video I captured. Stay tuned to the CRL Learns website … Read


Special live feed of CRL Learns featuring Jim Knight, September 2

We’re excited to share Jim Knight’s CRL Learns Workout session on the Big Four with you live on Wednesday! Sorry for the late notice, but please feel free to join us in a live, online broadcast. If all goes according … Read