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Evernote Peek turns the iPad 2′s smart cover into a study tool

File this one under clever–Evernote, the makers of the cloud-based note-taking system by the same name, has released Evernote Peek, a simple tool to turn notes into flashcard-style study aids on the iPad 2. Watch the video below to see … Read


Cobocards: Free, collaborative online flash cards

Cobocards is a new web-based flash card system. Unlike other systems we’ve mentioned in the past, Cobocards lets you collaborate on your cards with a friend. You can also include images and math formulas, and set important deadlines like upcoming … Read


Cramberry: Easy-to-use, online flash cards

File this one under “ideas I wish I’d had:” Cramberry is a new, web-based flash card program. From ReadWriteWeb’s review: The cards are fairly rudimentary, but they serve the purpose. Quite frankly, they’re better than the scribbled notes on index … Read